There are different kinds and species of bird that can be reared in a poultry farm apart from the popular once we know.

Most times, whenever people talk about entering into poultry farming, what comes to mind are basically the rearing of chicken and this is because the demand for chicken or turkey keeps increasing ass days goes by. But this does not make it the only bird that be raised by farmers as there are many other birds that can be raised by a farmer for different purposes.

In this article, we will be looking at different kinds of birds that be reared by poultry farmers.


This is the commonly raised birds all over the world and its incubation period is 21 days. They are raised for different purposes (egg production and meat consumption). Chickens are raised in different ways depending on the species you want to raise, the broilers are specifically raised for meat purposes, layers for egg purposes while the rest of the species are also raised for different purposes. Different species lays eggs at different time, some starts laying eggs from their 16th week whiles the others may start laying later.


Turkeys are similar to chicken and are raised for same purpose but takes longer time to raise them up to the stage of maturity. Turkeys also take longer time than the chicken before they are able to lay eggs. Turkeys are always larger than chicken and consumes more feed than the chicken or any other birds. Their incubation period is 30 days. They are not raised for egg commercialization due to their feed consumption rather they raised for meat purposes, for this reason many who venture into rearing of turkeys, do such for the purpose of meat production, some other do so for pet while the rest do so for security.


Ducks are aquatic birds in nature, they are usually smaller than the geese and swan. Ducks are not commonly raised unlike the turkeys and chicken. They are commonly raised for the purpose of pet, egg production, meat and harvesting of their feathers. The male duck is called drake while the female is duck. They can actually up to the period of 5 years.


The geese are also classified under the aquatic family, that is to say they live on the water though they spend most of their time on land. They comprises of the genera Anser and Bantra. Some of these geese are domesticated while some also live in the forest.

There are many of other species of birds that are also classified under the aquatic family like swan not just geese and the ducks.


Pigeon and other good number of birds are classified on the birds of the air just like the quail and doves. The young ones are called squab and are raised for sports and as messenger especially in the olden days. They are more of hobby birds than for commercial purpose.

White pigeons are basically released into the air during some government function which symbolizes peace and unity of the nation.

In conclusion, there are many other types of poultry birds one can raise not just those mentioned above for example the ostrich, pheasant, peacock and so on.


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