For the poultry birds to grow healthy and strong, feeding and vaccine chat must be employed in rearing them so that diseases and infection will not wipe them out or give them retarded growth. Vaccines are essential for poultry animals, some diseases can’t be cured with normal drug administration and as such poultry birds should be vaccinated against such diseases and infection.

What is a vaccine drug? Vaccines are products that helps stimulates ones immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease protecting them from that disease. It is usually administered through injections, or can be sprayed or by oral administration which is by mouth or nose.

Poultry Vaccination is the process of administering vaccine drugs to poultry chicks to help their immune system build immunity against diseases or virus.

Please note that before administering any vaccine, consult a veterinary doctor to prevent overdose which may lead to death of the poultry birds and in the case where the birds are ill or suffering from one particular illness or disease, please it is advisable you consult with your doctor weather you should proceed with vaccination or treat the illness as some vaccines are too strong that some ill birds might not be able to survive after the vaccine. But in a situation where the birds exhibits symptoms of the vaccine to be administered, you are to proceed with the vaccine.

Below is the poultry vaccine chat that can be employed for any broiler poultry farm from day one till the point of sale. Method of vaccine might change due to environmental effect or region or type of bird, for this reason please seek for the vet’s advice before vaccination.

Day Vaccine/Drugs Remark
1 Multivitamins Oral- through their drinking water
2-4 Antibiotics (enrofloxacin) Oral- drinking water in case some are infected through an egg from an infected layer
5 herbimax  
6 Vitamin Oral
7 ND Lasota vaccine Oral or through eye drop
8-9 Multivitamin Oral- through drinking water
10-12 Enroloxacin + Diclazuril Oral
13 Vitamin Oral
14 IBD (Gumboro) vaccine Oral or eye drop
15-16 Multivitamin Oral
17-18 Diclazuril + biafloxacin + oxystreptosoul Oral
19 Chlorine free water Oral
20 Vitamin Oral
21 IBD (Gumboro) vaccine Oral
22-24 Diclazuril + biafloxacin Oral
25-26 Biafloxacin Oral
27 Ordinary water Oral
28 Vitamin Oral
29 Abic Lasota or ND Lasota Oral
30-31 Booster Oral
32 Ordinary water Oral
33-35 Enroloxacin + Diclazuril Oral
36-37 Enroloxacin + oxystreptosoul Oral


38-42 Booster Oral
43-44 Ordinary water Oral
45 Abic Lasota Oral


Key notes:

  1. Always use quality feed in brooding from 1 – 3 weeks as poor quality feed may affect their growth.
  2. In the case of using pellet finisher, mix crumble starter and pellet finisher feed together. This will help the birds to adjust properly to the new feed.
  3. Use enough feeders and drinkers to avoid overcrowding and possible stampede
  4. Always keep good sanitation measures by cleaning their pen at when due to reduce disease and avoid high mortality.

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