Agro-businesses is doing great in all nations and market not just poultry business. Poultry farming business is one of the fastest growing profitable agro-business in our current day market.

In the recent times the need for poultry meat is on the side and the number available in the market is not enough to satisfy the consumers due to high demand of poultry meat and this is because most people are withdrawing from consuming red meat (beef etc) due to its high cholesterol while the others don’t just like it or don’t take it due to health challenges. For this reasons entrepreneurs that ventures into poultry business becomes meat producer (that is opening a frozen food stores or selling as life birds) and by so doing solves some of the problem of meat for the consumers and the wholesalers or eateries and continental food outlets at large. Be we talk further about poultry business, let’s first understand what poultry and its concept is all about.

What is poultry? When you talk about poultry, we simply meant domestic birds especially those that have value for money, meat or egg.

Poultry farming now refers to rearing of domestic animals such as chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys for meat or egg production.

There are other farmers whose purpose for rearing animals are not for egg production but for meat and maybe exchange for valuables like money and other things.


Farm location and size: the location of the farm should be away from too busy area. This should be safe from too much heat especially during dry season and rain during the wet season. The size of the farm land should be dependent on the number of birds to be kept in the space provided.

Feed and water availability: this is crucial to the growth of the poultry birds. And as a farmer, the need to learn how to produce your own feed or how to mix two or more feeds from different producers to achieve a great result is also important. Good and quality feed greatly contribute to fast growth of birds and also makes them healthy.

Vaccination: vaccination of birds from time to time helps to prevent poultry deceases. As a large scale farmer, the need to have a vet doctor’s number on your speed dial is important. There are different vaccine drugs that helps in raising a birds and most of these vaccines are routine medications for the birds and therefore the need to seek a vet’s advice on how to administer such and when supposed to do such as these will help in preventing diseases and infection.

Marketing of the birds: it is important as a poultry farmer to also pay attention to the prices of birds in the market and not to always be cut-up in the operation of the farm. Before you sale your product, you need to consider the cost of production which includes the water and electricity bills plus overhead for profit but don’t do not add too much profit to your product as to be able to sale and as quick as possible.

In conclusion, commercial farmers not just the poultry farmers runs a profitable business and also creates employment opportunity for youths and job seekers. Before setting this and running poultry business successfully, you need to get your farm finances right and accurate from the beginning till after sale.

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