Rearing and selling poultry birds can be classified into agro-business farming. This business yields lots of profits within a small time if some factors like feeding and time management are considered when raising the chicks.

Rearing poultry birds is basically for profit purpose while only few do it for meat consumption and passion because it can be a little tedious but people.

When raising poultry birds there things to consider which include:

Capital cost

The cost of raising birds shouldn’t be so much so that it won’t affect the selling prize, because if the production cost is much then selling it might be difficult and if selling becomes difficult then it will difficult as many of birds will just be eating without adding much in weight. This should also include the cost of setting up the farm at least for the first time. Considering the amount at hand will help you determine how many birds to rear at a particular time so as to be able to provide feed enough for the bird growth and other stuff like the vaccine and drugs.

Housing for the birds

The number of birds to be raised will determine size of the house, spacing of birds is essential to bird growth as this helps them to get access to food and water and also helps to ease stress. At brooding stage, the house should be protected against cold as cold may cause clustering and stampede.

The number to raise at a particular time

Depending on the size of the farm house and the capital at hand, one can now determine the number of birds to procure either at day old or some weeks old.

Heat provision (for the chicks)

For the chicks from day old to three weeks (3) needs heat to keep them warm or protection against cold (covering the windows to the house to reduce wind flow).

Vaccine and drugs

Vaccine should be administered at when due to prevent diseases and infections affecting the birds. Drugs as well should be administered whenever there’s some illness affecting the birds and also drugs can be used for disease prevention. Drugs like calcium helps the birds bone to be strong and helps them in lifting their weight while vitamin also helps in the bird growth and stress relieve.

Please consult a vet doctor on how to administer each drugs to the birds and when best to do so to avoid overdose which might damage their liver.

Feeding of the birds

Knowing how to mix feeds and at what time to give a particular kind of feed is very essential to the bird growth, when to give a certain kind of feed starting for a starter feed for the new chicks till finisher at the point of sale.

Points to note

  • Birds needs steady feeding at the early stage
  • From the 4th week follow a bird feed chat to ascertain what quantity of feed needed for the birds.
  • If you are feeding your birds with pellet finisher, at beginning of administering the pellet, you might need to mix the pellet with crumble starter as the birds are not used to picking large feeds. This will help them to adjust gradually to feeding with pellet then totally switch to pellet.
  • Water is very important in our everyday life, as it is for human same way it is for the birds. Once they lack enough water, their feeding will drop and will cause death if not attended to immediately.
  • If your birds are panting heavily, this is as a result too much heat and airing of the house is important at this moment, water as well and adding vitamin C or ascorbic acid also helps to ease heat stress.

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